Ballarat District Golf Incorporated

2022 ch pennant 01Weather conditions were ideal for playing of the Annual 2022 BDGA Charleson Hunt Pennant Golf Event which was played at Talbot Golf Course on Sunday 10th of April.

The tradition of this competition is very popular with some Club indication they wish to return next year to strengthen the competition.

Teams competing in the (Ralph) Charleson Division for 2022 are Maryborough, Lexton, Beaufort and Talbot.

The (John) Hunt Shield, will be fought for by Beaufort, Avoca, Clunes and Maryborough.

Results Round One: AM


  • Beaufort 4½ def Talbot ½
  • Lexton 3 def Maryborough 2


  • Maryborough 4 def Beaufort 1
  • Clunes 2 lost to Avoca 3

Results Round Two: PM


  • Lexton 1 lost to Beaufort 4
  • Maryborough 3½ def Talbot 1½


  • Maryborough 2½ drew with. Avoca 2½
  • Clunes 3 def Beaufort 2

2022 ch pennant 02Sunday 17th April is Easter so enjoy the fun with Family and Friends, and we will catch you back again the following week.

Sunday 24th April: Maryborough

Round Three: AM


  • Lexton 2½ drew with Talbot 2½
  • Maryborough 2 lost to Beaufort 3


  • Maryborough 5 def. Clunes 0 2½
  • Avoca 2½ drew with Beaufort 2½

Round Four: PM Finals for both Charleson and Hunt


  • Beaufort. 4½ defeated Lexton ½
    Beaufort Team: Tony Grundell, Matt Moore, John Roxburgh, John Stimson, Neil Compston.
    Lexton Team: Shaun MacArthur, Ian Hunt, Adrian Smith, Myles Sandlant, Brad Sandlant.


  • Maryborough 3 defeated Avoca 2.
    Maryborough Team: Robert Bird, Dave Brunton, John Purcell, Bill Patten, Mick Arowsmith.
    Avoca Team: Craig Burn, Nick Coghlan, Nathan Coghlan, Brad Gothard, Michael Coghlan.

After 18 Holes the two Clubs were square at 2 each and had to go to a 19th decider but Maryborough proved too strong for Avoca on this occasion winning the John Hunt Shield and presented with the winner’s Medallions presented by BDGA’s representatives Pauline Murphy and Glenis Keilar.

The ladies reinforced the importance of the Pennant Competition and the significance of the Ralph Charleson and John Hunt Shields.

There is also a further Medallion awarded annually to a player deemed worthy to claim the Ian Zimmer Award and in 2022 John Stimson chose this to go to a young golfer Myles Sandlant from Lexton Golf Club at the start of his golfing career. We hope to watch him through the future of his golf. Well done Myles.