Ballarat District Golf Incorporated

2020 10 news strategic plan

On behalf of the Executive Committee I am very pleased to present the Ballarat District Golf Inc. Strategic Plan 2020-2024 to our affiliated clubs and the wider golf community. This is an important document that will define the role we play in golf across the region.

Linked to our mission “Ballarat District Golf promote and deliver participation and pathway opportunities that support our affiliated clubs in growing the game”, the strategic plan clearly states our vision and identifies six key operational areas, with each area having its own objective and set of priorities.

The plan reinforces our commitment to delivering high-quality events, junior development activities and programs which suit the needs of the members of our affiliated clubs and the wider golf community , along with providing representative and elite pathway opportunities for the region’s most talented players.

The plan shapes the future of Ballarat District Golf. It provides the current and future Executive Committees with the necessary framework to develop annual action plans and will support decision making.

I would like to sincerely thank the representatives from our affiliated clubs who contributed to the development of the plan and Tony Collier from Golf Australia for his advice and guidance. I would also like to acknowledge the enormous efforts of Andrew Milligan and I thank Andrew on behalf of everyone connected with Ballarat District Golf for his dedication in facilitating the process and developing the content.

David Edwards

pdfClick here to download the strategic plan