Ballarat District Golf Incorporated

2019 05 pennant header menThe 2019 Finals were played at the Buninyong Golf Club on Sunday 6th May. Congratulation to all of the teams who competed in the final day of 2019.

Scratch Division was played over 36 holes between the Buninyong Golf Club and the Midlands Golf Club. Buninyong took a handy 5/2 lead after the morning session and were able to maintain that to the end of the day winning the Division 1 title 5/2..

The Handicap Division was played bewteen the Ballarat Golf Club and the Buninyong Golf Club over 18 holes with the winners of the East & West divisions playing together for the first time. Ballarat Golf Club was able to take the title in the final match that went to the 19th hole. The final score was 4/3.

The Senior Division was played between Midlands GC & Buninyong GC over 18 holes. The Buninyong Golf Club won the title with a score of 4/1.

Scratch Division

2019 pennant scratch winner

Buninyong GCdefeatedMidlands GC5/2
Daniel Staples defeated Brett Kerry 10/8
Kelly Lyle defeated Andy Matthews 6/5
Brett Tolliday lost Craig Boucher 6/4
Mick Innes defeated Nathan Skews 7/5
Nick Haintz lost to  Brad Duke 2/1
Criag Thatcher defeated Josh Partington 10/8
Chris Tatt defeated Scott Henry 1 up

Handicap Division

2019 pennant handicap winner

Ballarat GCdefeatedBuninyong GC4/3
Joel Anstis defeated Matt McCann 19th
Darcy Anstis lost to Phil Carman 3/2
Wayne Hines defeated Peter O'Donnell 1up
Nick Brennan lost to Greg Brown 3/2
Paul McClusky lost to Glen Carman 2/1
Trent Brown defeated Greg Horracks 1 up
Jason Sims defeated Mick Prato 3/1 

Senior Division

2019 pennant veteran winner

Buninyong GCdefeatedMidlands GC4/1
Ian Corcoran defeated Glynn Mercer 5/4
Col Savage defeated Bernie Klein 4/3
David Beggs defeated John Bourke 6/5
Gary Tolliday lost to Dave Dicesare 3/2
Rob Spiers defeated Wal Eunson 1up

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