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2019 Midweek Pennant

The Ballarat District Golf Inc. Women’s Mid-Week Pennant season concluded on Monday. Throughout the season 17 teams from 9 Clubs were divided into three divisions to contest the round robin competitions. A total of 117 players battled individual games each week to contribute to their team’s result at the end of the day.

The Finals were held at a very well presented Hepburn Springs Golf Club course on Monday 20th May. Despite the early showers, all players embraced the final with much enthusiasm at the start of the day. After a few holes the rain eased and conditions improved to allow for some great golf to be played.

The Division One match contested between Midlands and Ballarat was a very close affair. Midlands winning 3 - 2 after having one match finish on the 19th hole. This gave Midlands their fourth Division One win in five years.

The Division Two match was contested between Beaufort and Ballarat (Red). Despite Beaufort finishing on the top of the ladder a very determined Ballarat (Red) team ended up winning 3 - 2. This is the fifth year in a row that Ballarat has won the Division Two trophy.

The Division Three match was contested between Hepburn Springs and Ballarat (Blue). Hepburn Springs successfully used their home ground advantage to win 3½ - 1½. This is the fourth time in five years that Hepburn Springs has won the Division Three trophy.

An exciting end to the season in all divisions. Congratulations to all players who played throughout the year and especially to those who made finals. Hopefully next year we can see some new Clubs taking home the trophies.

Division 1

2019 women pennant div1

Midlands GCdefeatedBallarat GC3/2
Gai Skinner  defeated Julie Pritchard 5/4 
Paula Bandy lost to  Maxine Berry 3/2
Jill Morrison lost to Liz Molesworth 4/3
Jude Marshall defeated Maryanne Carr 4/3
Lee-Anne Day defeated Bernadette Clark 19th


Division 22019 women pennant div2

Ballarat GC (Red)defeatedBeaufort GC3/2
Cheryl Lillingston Lost to Tricia Martin 5/3
Sue Sidebottom Defeated Dee Harding 3/1
Lesa Gray Defeated Joan Fraser 2/1
Liz McMurray Lost to  Glenis Keilar 1 up 
Janise Cossins Defeated Denise Bending 5/3 


Division 32019 women pennant div3

Hepburn Springs GCdefeatedBallarat GC (Blue)3.5 to 1.5
Mary Davis Square Jane Sanders  
Julie Higgs Lost to Susan Shorten 3/2
Wendy Wetzel Defeated Heather Brauman 5/4
Shirley Rodda Defeated Jane Nunn 1 up
Jan Thompson Defeated Carmel Bayly 7/5



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