Ballarat District Golf Incorporated

Welcome to the Ballarat & District Golf Incorporated

The Ballarat District Golf Inc website is now your home for all of the district men's and women's golf. This will show all of the events, results and details that offered for all of the clubs within the district.

Can also now have an area to offer information, entry forms and details of all of their events.

Now have a portal for all the golf within the district. The site will also house all of the BDG pennant information and major tournaments.

Welcome to our new website.




Upcoming Events
22 Oct 2016 - Mt Xavier Annual Tournament - Mt Xavier GC
24 Oct 2016 - Golf AUS - Senior Amateur Championships - Ballarat GC
27 Oct 2016 - Tournament - 3 Person S'ford Aggregate - Mt Xavier GC
28 Oct 2016 - Golf VIC - RWH 4BBB Final - Eastern GC
31 Oct 2016 - Golden Putter 4BBB Stableford - Hepburn Springs GC
03 Nov 2016 - Creswick GC Annual Tournament - Creswick GC
07 Nov 2016 - Golf VIC - Silver Spoon Final - Keysborough GC
07 Nov 2016 - Midlands Senior Ladies 4BBB - Midlands Golf Club
12 Nov 2016 - Meredith Annual Tournament - Meredith GC